Friday, 9 October 2009


Listen to the water as it fills the tub. Smell the sweet scent of Jasmine & Lavender.... intoxicating isn't it? As candles flicker and rose petals float blissfully on the water. Music softly playing in the background. You slip out of your clothes and step into the jetted tub..... but WAIT!!!!! as you sit down everything you just saw, smelled, or heard has disappeared. You sit down anyway ready to wash away the cares of the day.
The theater of the mind begins....... Close your eyes and relax your tired muscles and your mind. As you sit back the tepid water surrounds you. You say take me. It does take you to whatever destination you desire. I arrive on the beach somewhere in the Caribbean. Where my adventurous side emerges...wink* I smile at total strangers and they smile back. The bellhop shows me to my suite and hands me a cute lil drink u know the kind with umbrella in it.... mmmm, yummy. I say yes, as I enter.....I see a vision of white tapestry and exotic island flowers filled the room. So beautiful i whisper but why I'm i whispering. lol I can't believe it.....A room with a view. As I open the sliding glass door to the deck, the warm ocean breeze envelops my body, my mind, my soul. I quickly go and change into as less clothing as possible; well as much without being trashy but still sexi. As I walk along the beach with drink in hand, I say DAMM!!!! I 'm not going back! I'm in heaven and i didn't have to die. I see people with the body of gods wink n smile at me.Someone is calling my name as he walks over to shocks the hell out of me. The water in tub got cold & fam is calling asking when can they use the bathroom..... just as i was gonna let my hair down damn. I'm back to the grind again.I slip under the water and wish my theater of the mind didn't have a curtain call. lol

Now go and have your own theater of the mind.
love yourself~

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