Saturday, 11 May 2013

New Video: Amelia Lily - "Party Over"

I have had hopes for Amelia Lily after she dropped her debut single "You Bring Me Joy" which went on to chart at number 2 on the UK charts and showcase her beautiful vocals but as the era continues she is failing to stand out from the rest (musically speaking) she is following what everyone is doing and not shaping her own sound which would be pop-rock, she has that Kelly Clarkson feel to her vocals. 

All these dance records are not doing anything for her at all, "Party Over" is her weakest offering yet, so bland and lyrically weak and the production sounds so unoriginal. She is too talented to be degrading her sound to be successful, this is not becoming of her and she seriously needs to change her hair colour, that pink hairdo is so 1999 and the music video was a yawn.. 

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